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90 day weight loss image

Looking for little motivation?
– For the skinny jeans
– For the mini shirts
– For crop tops
– For short shorts
– For the bikinis
– For the stares
– For the fun
– For the satisfaction
– For your health
– For your happiness
– For yourself!
– FOR YOU!!!

Lose Weight & Win Great Prizes!
I open second Weight Loss Competition, it starts on 1st of September, I decided to open after the holiday period.

The rules are the same as last time:
You just need to subscribe here with your actual email address before 1st of September.
I need your today picture and weight confirmed by the witness.
In case you do not want to post your photo here on website, send it by email to me.

You need to send me the same your photo & weight 3 month from now on 1st of December.

To get your Winner Prize (I am sponsoring) you need to give me the shipping address you want this to be shipped.