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Today I wanted to write about a very important for all of us topics which as well it is about healthy long life and how to enjoy it without spending a fortune for medical treatments.
I am pretty sure that most of you had or have someone in your family who got a cancer. This is a very high probability that any of us in our life will suffer from this terrible disease. In my family my father died in age of 60 of the esophagus cancer and his father, my grandpa died at age of 58 of lung cancer. Both were much too young to die and could enjoy much longer of their lives. I wish I could find out earlier about Gerson Therapy that would cure my father. He went thru surgery which was successful, he had no therapy and the cancer was in curable stage, operational without metastasis to different part of body. After successful surgery we were full of hope but after 6 months the cancer relapsed. If I knew about Gerson therapy I would encourage him to go for it and probably today he would be alive. Now is too late but at least by promoting it on my website I can help others.
I read a lot about cancer as probably like many of you afraid it the most. I thought with like an every fear knowing it better you can actually fight with it. Same here. I truly believe in natural way of treatment. During last visit of my family in Shanghai, my husband sister, Iza told me about Gerson Therapy and send the link I am sharing here as well:

Iza told me about Anna Zarzeka who is her husband family, and actually practice the Gerson Therapy and organizes healthy sessions, holidays for the people who want clean their body and minds. She personally lost so much weight being on this therapy and got a new great outlook. She organizes events for everyone with a very reasonable costs. Well it is now in Poland only, but if getting international interest, she may expand. Even investing in a flight tickets is worth as you will not be able to find so good program for such good value, here is the link and details:

Poland is a beautiful country with a wonderful nature, there you can relax with an appropriate treatment and share time with other fun of Gerson Therapy –Gerso Maniacs.
Just 2 months ago before knowing about Gerson therapy I was big fun of protein diet.
Now I still believe our body needs proteins, but we need to detoxify it and keep in PH balance, for those who need curing and healing process to start needs to keep at alkaline PH > 7.4. I was promoting Dukan diet, I still think it is a way to lose weight, but Gerson Therapy not only helps to lose weight but clean your body and launches healing process in your cells. After reading and listening a lot about Gerson Therapy I will minimize amount of protein from meat and milk.
Let me introduce here Dr. Max Gerson, who was German but actually was born on the territories that belonged that time to Germany but today would be Polish.
max gerson

Max Gerson (October 18, 1881 – March 8, 1959) was a German-born American physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, a dietary-based alternative cancer treatment that he claimed could cure cancer and most chronic, degenerative diseases.
Gerson described his approach in the book A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. The National Cancer Institute evaluated Gerson’s claims and concluded that his data showed no benefit from his treatment. The therapy is both ineffective and dangerous.
Gerson emigrated to the United States in 1936, passed his medical board examination, and became a U.S. citizen in 1942.
In the U.S., Gerson applied his dietary therapy to several cancer patients, claiming good results, but other workers found his methodology and claims unconvincing. Proponents of the Gerson Therapy believe a conspiracy headed by the medical establishment prevented Gerson from publishing proof that his therapy worked. In 1958, Gerson published a book in which he claimed to have cured 50 terminal cancer patients: A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases. In 1953, Gerson’s malpractice insurance was discontinued and, in 1958, his medical license in New York was suspended for two years. Gerson died March 8, 1959 of pneumonia.
Gerson Therapy

Initially, Gerson used his therapy as a treatment for migraine headaches and tuberculosis. In 1928, he began to use it as a supposed treatment for cancer.
Gerson Therapy is based on the belief that disease is caused by the accumulation of unspecified toxins, and attempts to treat the disease by having patients consume a predominantly vegetarian diet including hourly glasses of organic juice and various dietary supplements. Animal proteins are excluded from the diet under the unproven premise that tumors develop as a result of pancreatic enzyme deficiency. In addition, patients receive enemas of coffee, castor oil and sometimes hydrogen peroxide or ozone.
After Gerson’s death, his daughter Charlotte Gerson continued to promote the therapy, founding the “Gerson Institute” in 1977. The original protocol also included raw calf’s liver taken orally, but this practice was discontinued in the 1980s after ten patients were hospitalized (five of them comatose) from January 1979 to March 1981 in San Diego, California, area hospitals, following an outbreak of rare Campylobacter fetus infection and sepsis which was seen only in those following Gerson-type therapy with raw liver (no other cases of patients having sepsis with this microbe, a pathogen in cattle, had been reported to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the previous two years). Nine of ten hospitalized patients had been treated in Tijuana, Mexico; the tenth followed Gerson therapy at home. One of these patients who had metastatic melanoma died within a week of his septic episode. Many of the patients had low sodium levels, thought to be associated with the very low sodium Gerson diet.
Gerson’s therapy has not been independently tested or subjected to randomized controlled trials, and thus is illegal to market in the United States.The Gerson Institute promotes the therapy by citing patient testimonials and other anecdotal evidence. Gerson published a book discussing the alleged success of the therapy in 50 patients, but a review by the U.S. National Cancer Institute was unable to find any evidence that Gerson’s claims were accurate. The NCI found that no in vivo animal studies had been conducted.
The American Cancer Society reported that “there is no reliable scientific evidence that Gerson therapy is effective in treating cancer, and the principles behind it are not widely accepted by the medical community. It is not approved for use in the United States.” In 1947, the National Cancer Institute reviewed 10 claimed cures submitted by Gerson; however, all of the patients were receiving standard anticancer treatment simultaneously, making it impossible to determine what effect, if any, was due to Gerson’s therapy. A review of the Gerson Therapy by Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center concluded: “If proponents of such therapies wish them to be evaluated scientifically and considered valid adjuvant treatments, they must provide extensive records (more than simple survival rates) and conduct controlled, prospective studies as evidence”. In 1959, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) again reviewed cases of patients treated by Gerson. The NCI found that the available information did not prove the regimen had benefit. Cancer Research UK states that “Available scientific evidence does not support any claims that Gerson therapy can treat cancer […] Gerson therapy can be very harmful to your health.’
Safety concerns
Gerson therapy can lead to several significant health problems. Serious illness and death have occurred as a direct result of some portions of the treatment, including severe electrolyte imbalances. Continued use of enemas may weaken the colon’s normal function, causing or worsening constipation and colitis. Other complications have included dehydration, serious infections and severe bleeding.
The therapy may be especially hazardous to pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Definitely there will be opponents of this therapy but there are number of evidence that this Therapy actually works, under a proper control.

Below I share an article from Don Bradley:
‘The Killing of a Cure. The Murder of Max Gerson’
‘In the mid 1950s, after spending his entire life researching and creating a modality that practically put an end to all the major diseases of the 20th century – including cancer—Max Gerson was quietly putting together 30 plus years of his work into book form. Then along came his secretary, an efficient woman who looked after things, was just what he needed to manage his clinic, his out-patient work, new patients, and document his findings in a massive tome.

Then, just as he finished his manuscript, “miss helper” took off with it, taking the only copy he had—the original. Keep in mind, these were the days before copy machines and the like. That’s when Max got even more bad news. He found out that he was suffering from massive arsenic poisoning; a parting gift from his secretary.

Even though in advanced age, his healthy approach to curing modern diseases was enough to stave off this attack, allowing him to recreate from scratch his wonderful book:

Max Gerson: A Cancer Therapy: results of fifty cases (1958)

Once the book was published, he found that yet again, he had been poisoned by person or persons unknown. This time, the dose they slipped him was completely fatal. He was dead by the end of the year.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer said this of Dr. Gerson: “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history.”

This is a common theme among those great souls that come to earth at just the right time, to bring it a way out of hell, hopelessness, and despair. Every single person I know, knows of at least 10 people that have died or are dying in the last few years of cancer. In America, current cancer rates are 1 in 2 Americans.

Thirty years ago it was 1 in 16.

Fifty years ago, it was 1 in 200.

There is a way out of hell. And it is his therapy.

And I can prove it to some degree, with my own family.

Two years ago, as some long time readers recall, my son Matthew severed several nerve channels and tendons in his left hand on Christmas day. It took a week before a surgeon could be found that would work on him. In Los Angeles, where surgeons are a dime a dozen. By the time he got to him, his tendons and nerve channels had retracted up into his wrists, etc.

The surgery left him with enormous keloid scar tissues of skin, muscle, and nerves. Things were a mess. He did all the physical therapy he was told to do. But at the end of the day, he couldn’t grip anything with that hand without much pain or strength. All at the age of 16.

So, he and I agreed to put Max Gerson’s claim of eliminating and repairing tissue to the test last summer. We took some before pictures then, showing the mess.

We are going to take some after pictures and publish them.

He not only has full recovery of his hand and strength, but the massive walnut-sized lump in his hand has disappeared to the size of a pea. All nervous channel functions have been restored.

We call this a success.

God bless you Max and Charlotte Gerson. For being there.
n January 14 of 2014, I began to experience increasingly painful lower abdominal stomach cramps that showered me with lacerating pains from front to back and side to side. These increased in severity and were continuous; never letting up and within a few days had me laid out, unable to eat or sleep, and in a state of unbearable chronic pain.

Within 5 days, I could barely walk or go a few minutes before the next wave of cramps and knives laid me out panting for breath and unable to move. The slightest movement seemed to set off the next round of attacks that sometimes lasted several minutes. As anyone knows who has experienced such mind-numbing chronic pain, every second feels like a century. Then the cramps eased off a tad, and lo and behold, I found a large, hardened mass where my appendix should be. I could not eat, only drink clear juices or the like. Any attempt of food was impossible and only set off a 30 hour chain of escalating cramps, etc.

A visit to the hospital had confirmed a burst appendix, which had necrotized and had then poisoned the cecum and adjoining areas into a condition of typhlitis – the sigmoid colon had hardened and was non-functioning. The doctors wanted to operate, intending to remove the offending appendix and TEN FEET of my colon. This they assured me was necessary for my survival, as this condition was most certainly fatal in nearly all cases.

So, there I was lying on the hospital bed, thinking through my options. They could either hack me to pieces, to “save me” or what…?

Two days before, I awoke with a clear message to do the Gerson therapy. This I started at once, knowing all too well its efficacy. 4 years ago, it saved my son Matthew’s hand from surgery that had left several feet of nylon sutures in his muscle tissue and a left hand he could no longer use. For the rest of his life. The Gerson therapy fixed that and his hand looks entirely normal. Even the surgical scars have long ago disappeared.

Gerson therapy pushing out nylon sutures through the skin.

So, I told the doctors NO, I wouldn’t let them operate on me and began the therapy in earnest. That was 65 days ago.

The 3 1/2 in hardened mass is gone and the tyhplitis is 90 percent healed with the organs and cecum functioning again. No surgery and I got to keep all my stuff the good Lord gave me at birth.

I go weekly for a checkup with the doctor and this internal surgeon cannot believe that detoxing and diet can do what he has witnessed it do. I’m sure, in time, his programming will tell him that this is impossible and even he will say no such thing occurred.

Trusting in the Lord’s advice to do this therapy and the Gerson therapy itself, saved me from the endless surgery and a much reduced life. Now, even though I am still on the therapy and need a few more months to safely tie off this event, I am me again, and from the 3rd week on, was walking around, doing, being, and getting back on track with my life.

The Gerson therapy saved my life. Thank you Max and Charlotte Gerson, for being there. And thanks God I listened and obeyed and trusted His ever blessed advice”

Here you can find the Gerson Therapy Handbook, pdf. format to download:

Gerson Contact Information:
The Gerson Institute, 1572 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101
Tel. 619-685-5353; Toll-free: 1-888-4-GERSON

The Gerson Institute’s Website:

The Gerson Therapy is a completely dietary based protocol with coffee enemas for liver detoxification. There is no single herbal formula, no magic bullet. But just as with Rene Caisse’s Essiac Tea and Hoxey’s secret formula, it has proven effective with even the most difficult cancer cases. It is much less expensive than FDA/AMA approved cancer “cures”.

Dr. Max Gerson was ridiculed and harassed by a cancer industry that promotes expensive, harsh, even injurious treatments that don’t cure. This unjust treatment was similar to Caisse’s and Hoxsey’s plight. Neither one made much money from their humanitarian endeavors, and neither did Dr. Gerson.

The Gerson Therapy is effective for other degenerative diseases as well, mostly by restoring health and killing pathogens or cancer cells naturally. Dr. Gerson cured Albert Schweitzer of his diabetes when he was 70 years old, allowing Schweitzer to continue his difficult work until he was 90.

After Max Gerson died, Albert Schweitzer wrote that Dr. Gerson was a medical genius who .. . “achieved more than seemed possible under adverse conditions. Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them.”

A Brief Gerson Therapy History

Max Gerson began his natural healing approach by treating tuberculosis in his native Germany during the 1920’s. Even then there was opposition to his work from other physicians. By chance, a woman with terminal cancer requested that Dr. Gerson treat her cancer using his tuberculosis curing methods. At first he declined. He was not sure it would work for her or even for cancer at all, and he didn’t want any more problems from the medical establishment in Germany.

But she insisted and drew up a document asserting her responsibility and indemnifying him from liability. To his surprise, she recovered completely. Then there were more cancer patients, and Dr. Gerson committed himself to the curing cancer. He left Germany as Nazism took over, continued his methods in France for a short while, and then arrived in the United States.

After practicing out of his home, he set up a clinic in upper New York state with some assistance from grateful cured patients. He published his findings and successes, which led to some attacks by the established medical community. After taking five successfully cured “incurable” cancer patients to Congress in an effort to prove his therapy’s worth in the mid 1940’s, the AMA and Big Pharma actually stepped up the attacks.

Dr. Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte Gerson, who was very involved with the Gerson Therapy and continued after her father’s death, claims that a doctor working in his clinic was a mole for the medical establishment. This same doctor later retracted positive statements about Gerson’s therapy from medical journals. During his presence, several documents were discovered to be “missing”.


Charlotte also asserts that Max Gerson was poisoned by someone putting arsenic into his afternoon coffee. There is forensic evidence to support her claim. There was arsenic detected in his urine after he complained of stomach cramps upon drinking his afternoon coffee. The establishment claimed he died of lung cancer. According to Charlotte, there were no tumors on his lungs. His weakened condition from ingesting arsenic at his 77 years of age simply precipitated a lung infection.

Charlotte’s son and Max Gerson’s grandson, Howard Straus, has written the book Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the Hopeless. Howard had to take it to Canada for publishing since he could not find a willing publisher in the States. Even then, some passages that were very unflattering to Big Pharma, the AMA, and medical journals were removed.

The hopeless and terminally ill were who mostly came to Dr. Gerson’s clinic. It’s sadly true that most cancer patients turn to alternative methods only after AMA/Big Pharma fails, if they are still alive. Then they are considered incurable or terminal. Dr. Gerson felt that because of this, he wasn’t shut down. After all, when more money can’t be squeezed out of desperate cancer victims because they are considered incurable, there can’t be any concern over competition, right?

Howard’s book chronicles Dr. Gerson’s achievements in the face of constant adversity and ridicule. And Charlotte herself has recently co-written The Gerson Therapy, which covers the therapy’s protocol. The Gerson Institute exists today to ensure, with certification, that practitioners who have adopted Dr. Gerson’s protocol apply it correctly. They also educate those who wish to use Dr. Gerson’s methods, and they are available for questions and for educational materials.

Basic Protocol Summary of the Gerson Therapy

Max Gerson’s protocol could be divided into three major sections: (1) Heavy vegetarian juicing for enzymes and minerals with a low sodium and animal protein diet, but high in potassium (2) Detoxification of the liver with coffee enemas (3) Medication with natural supplements. This last item, (3) may be the only one that is best served by a health practitioner. The others are capable of administering by oneself at home.

Juicing (1)

It is important to select the right type of juicer for juicing, even if only for health maintenance. High speed blenders and centrifugal juicers are expensive and difficult to clean after each use. That can be discouraging. More importantly, those high speed machines destroy much of the enzyme content of the fruits and vegetables juiced.

Enzymes are even more important than minerals and vitamins. They are biochemical catalysts that function throughout the body to promote metabolism, even on the cellular level. So without enzymes, nutrients won’t fare well and metabolic waste products will stay trapped in the blood.

Low speed masticating or triturating machines are much better for cancer patients using the Gerson method. The same holds true for anyone who wishes to juice for better health and immunity, as the fruit and vegetable enzymes are preserved while removing the fiber that inhibits digestion of the nutrients in the juices.

The masticating machines have one auger shaped screw while the triturating machines have two screws that mesh together. These machines can juice even wheat grass in addition to hard vegetables and fruits, such as carrots and apples. They are easier to clean and less expensive than high speed machines! Either type will do for most purposes, although the triturating juicers are favored for Gerson cancer therapy.

The Gerson therapy advocates juicing carrots with green vegetables and apples. Carrot juice alone has a high glycemic index. Not good for blood sugar balance. Of course, these foods for juicing must be, repeat, must be, organically grown.

Root vegetables, e.g. carrots, directly suck up whatever is in the soil. So carrots from mineral deprived soil that is soaked with insecticides and petrochemical fertilizers will do more harm than good. And non-organic apples are heavily sprayed. The Gerson therapy for advanced cancer calls for considerable consumption of freshly made fruit and vegetable juices. For general health, less is required.

Liver Detoxification with Coffee Enemas (2)

The liver is an extremely important organ to detoxify, since once the liver degenerates to near collapse, death is imminent. There are methods that use olive oil and lemon juice to expel solidified fat globules, often considered gall stones, after a few days of apple juice or apples. Those methods actually clear out the gall bladder, not the liver itself. Yes, liver function is somewhat improved by cleansing the closely associated gall bladder.

But the liver itself must be really clean and healthy in order to effectively handle the body’s effort to detoxify, especially when eliminating toxic cancer cells. Using coffee enemas strikes virtually all but the most dedicated caffeine addicts as odd! However, if administered properly, the caffeine doesn’t get into the blood stream.

That’s right, caffeine. Hold the decaf please, and lose the flavoring too. Just plain coffee is the ticket. What is important, again, is using only organically grown coffee. Makes sense, right? For normal colon cleansing, one retains the liquid while lying on the left side, but for liver detox with coffee enemas, one must lie on the right side for a few minutes before expelling. This allows the coffee’s entrance into the hepatic portal of the liver.
The caffeine, theobromine and theophylline, in coffee dilate the ducts to facilitate bile flow. The palmitates in coffee increase the action of glutathione-S-transferase by 600% to 700% in the liver and in the small intestine. It is this enzyme that is responsible for the detoxification of free radicals and it’s also this enzyme that inhibits the re-absorption of the radicals.

Dr. Gerson stated in a 1956 lecture, “In addition, the liver helps to prepare the stomach juice with the help of the visceral nervous system. The liver helps to prepare the pancreas, trypsin, pepsin, lipase, the digestive enzymes – all that is regulated with the help of the visceral nervous system. The liver has many, many more very important functions. One of them is the reactivation of the oxidizing enzymes . . . It is very important to note that oxidizing enzymes are at a low level of function in cancer patients.”

Medication (3)

No pharmaceutical medications are used or even allowed from past use. Fortunately, frequent coffee enemas assuage the pain for which many advanced cancer patients are prescribed pain killers. As a doctor, Max Gerson could and would administer natural medicines by injection as well as orally.

He used high doses of potassium and extremely high doses of iodine/potassium iodide, as well as a thyroid solution to force the cancer cells into rapidly absorbing the potassium, which eventually oxidized the cancer cells. The importance of oxidizing cancer cells from within the body is a prominent Gerson theme. Cancer cells thrive in an anaerobic environment. Oxygen destroys them.

Crude liver extract and vitamin B12 for red blood cell production were injected, and a mixture of carrot and liver juice was added to the many juices that the patients drank. This served to create more oxidation in the cancer cells, while aiding their elimination from the body. Dr. Gerson had determined that even in his days, prior to 1960, the oxidizing merits of potassium in our soil and food supply were greatly diminished.

Again from Dr. Gerson’s 1956 lecture: “All this is done in the effort to restore the enteral digestion. When that functions, we add stomach juice (Acidol Pepsin) and we add pancreatin not coated. The cancer patients cannot digest the coated pancreatin. The pancreatin is given five times a day, three tablets each time. So they always have plenty of trypsin, pepsin, lipase and diastase in their systems [to help eat the tumor masses away]”.

But keep in mind that these patients were advanced cancer cases, and intense, albeit non-toxic measures had to be used. Some could not even walk into the clinic! Yet he had a high rate of success curing the “incurable” hopeless.


As Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Many of his basic ideas have been adopted without having his name connected with them.” That was written several years ago. Today, there are those who have used the Gerson protocol to cure their cancer and become alternative cancer treatment gurus, soliciting materials over the Internet.

There are also those who have adopted some or most of his techniques in their holistic health practices. His discoveries have spread throughout the alternative healing community. But it’s probably best to use a practitioner who has been certified by the Gerson Institute for cancer cases.

Fortunately, parts of his methodology can be used by anyone from home. It’s to our benefit to explore and utilize Dr. Max Gerson’s findings and methods now more than ever. He stated in his 1956 lecture that we are forced into a diet of dead foods that are also poisoned. Even with organically grown foods becoming more available, there are more toxins and poisons in our environment than ever before.

Thanks to the early courageous work of Dr. Max Gerson, another effective, non-toxic cure for cancer that needs more public awareness is among us. And juicing properly and detoxifying the liver effectively can be used by all of us to enhance our health and survival.

I am going also to share Dr. Coldwell’s (Dr. C), videos at the end of this article.

Dr. Coldwell is also known as one of the leading Health Freedom Fighters and his book: “The Only Answer to Tyranny” has already broken all sales records.
The IBMS® system: Instinct Based Medicine® – Founder Dr. Leonard Coldwell
“Dr. Leonard Coldwell (better known as Dr. C) or his system is the most endorsed Doctor or System in the world. “ Dr. Thomas Hohn, MD. NMD.
Dr. Coldwell has for many years, been the Key Note Speaker at the Health Freedom Expos and the Natural Cures Health Expo. During his appearances on Coast to Coast, the world’s largest radio show, Dr. C broke all previous records of listener response, the only guest to create such a response as to cause lead all related websites to become overloaded. When live on each program he generates an average 280,000 email responses from folks requesting information.
Many significant experts and Hollywood personalities worldwide endorse Dr. Leonard Coldwell or his system (IBMS®)
Just some of the Endorsements and Recognitions for Dr C:
Some of Dr Leonard Coldwell’s performances, recognitions, received endorsements and:
Dr. Coldwell was the celebrated Key Note Speaker for the “Support for the Troops” event at the Joe Riley Stadium with over 5000 attendees. His speech was broadcasted worldwide live over all Clear Channel stations. His speech was so inspiring and motivational that it was replayed countless times. The same success is true for his 1 hour radio show on talk radio. Dr. Coldwell trained the Security Staff, therapist and firefighters at the Naval Weapons Station on stress reduction, post-traumatic stress syndrome and motivation. After 9/11 Dr. Coldwell worked without payment to support World Trade Center victims and their Families, Firefighters, Police and Military.
Dr. Coldwell gave benefit seminars for the 9/11 relief fund. He closed his “Time Out Stress Reduction Center” for a period of time so that firefighters, military and police members could use the Stress reduction system at no charge. He Created the CD “Pride of America” as a benefit production for 9/11 victims. The CD was in popular demand and a huge success on many radio stations around the country. Dr Coldwell is the founder of the Foundation for Drug and Crime Free Schools and Health for Children. Dr. Coldwell received recognition and thank you letters from the White House, US President George W. Bush President Obama and the US Congress. The longest serving Mayor Joe Riley of Charleston states: Dr Coldwell is one of the nicest people I ever meet
Here you go and listen his speeches, many relates to cancer:

I would also like to introduce the other cancer treatments, herbal kind:

The Truth About Essiac
Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment ESSIAC


On a fateful day in 1922 Canadian nurse Rene Caisse happened to notice some scar tissue on the breast of an elderly English woman. The woman said that doctors had diagnosed her with breast cancer years before. However, the woman didn’t want to risk surgery nor did she have the money for it.

The English woman had met an old Indian medicine man in the 1890s who told her that he could cure her cancer with an herbal tea. The woman took the medicine man’s advice, and consequently she was still alive nearly thirty years later to pass on this herbal remedy to Nurse Caisse.

About a year later, Rene Caisse was walking beside a retired doctor who pointed to a common weed and stated: “Nurse Caisse, if people would use this weed there would be little cancer in the world.” Rene later stated: “He told me the name of the plant. It was one of the herbs my patient named as an ingredient of the Indian medicine man’s tea!” [I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse] The “weed” was sheep sorrel. In a 1974 letter to Dr. Chester Stock of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute, Rene Caisse stated: “Who in the world would ever think to find a solution to cancer in a common meadow?”

In 1924 she decided to test the tea on her aunt who had cancer of the stomach and was given about six months to live. Her aunt lived for another 21 years, cancer free.

Rene Caisse (pronounced “Reen Case”) later gave the tea to her 72-year old mother who was diagnosed with inoperable cancer of the liver, with only days to live. Her mother recovered and lived without cancer for another 18 years.

In the ensuing years Nurse Caisse refined and perfected the original “medicine man’s” formula. She tested various herbal combinations on laboratory mice and on human cancer patients. She eventually reduced the tea to four herbs: burdock root, sheep sorrel (whole herb including the roots), slippery elm and Turkey rhubarb. She called the formula Essiac, which is her surname spelled backwards.

Rene Caisse devoted over fifty years of her life to treating hundreds of cancer patients with Essiac. So effective were her treatments that in 1938 her supporters gathered 55,000 signatures for a petition, amongst other petitions, to allow Rene Caisse to continue treatingcancer patients. A bill was introduced in the Ontario legislature to (allegedly) “authorise Rene Caisse to practice medicine in the Province of Ontario in the treatment of cancer and conditions therein”. Due to the machinations of the medical establishment, the bill failed to pass by just three votes.

However, Rene Caisse made her views known regarding this bill which would set up the “Royal Cancer Commission” to investigate all possible cancer cures. She told the press: “The people of Ontario will be paying a group of men to develop something that was developed and discovered 15 years ago. I have developed and proven a cure right here in Bracebridge, and I am running a clinic where hundreds of cancer sufferers are being treated and helped. Why then should I be asked to give my formula over to a group of doctors who never did anything to earn it?”


Rene Caisse operated her cancer clinic under the supervision and observation of a number of doctors. Based on what those doctors saw with their own eyes, eight of them signed a petition to the Department of National Health and Welfare at Ottawa, asking that Nurse Caisse be given facilities to do independent research on her discovery. Their petition, dated at Toronto on October 27, 1926, read as follows:
To Whom It May Concern:
“We the undersigned believe that the ‘Treatment for Cancer’ given by Nurse R.M. Caisse can do no harm and that it relieves pain, will reduce the enlargement and will prolong life in hopeless cases. To the best of our knowledge, she has not been given a case to treat until everything in medical and surgical science has been tried without effect and even then she was able to show remarkable beneficial results on those cases at that late stage.
“We would be interested to see her given an opportunity to prove her work in a large way. To the best of our knowledge she has treated all cases free of any charge and has been carrying on this work over the period of the past two years.”
Initially, Rene was not aware of the control that the medical/pharmaceutical establishment had over governments. After the petition was delivered to the National Health and Welfare Department, she was continually threatened with arrest until she finally withdrew from public view. Unlike Nurse Caisse, the medical establishment was more interested in making money than in helping people. Essiac was cheap. It could cut into the lucrative profits from radiation, chemotherapy and surgery–treatments that often do more harm than good. Essiac is non-toxic. Rene said, “Chemotherapy should be a criminal offense.”
JFK’s personal physician, Dr. Charles Brusch, who stated: “I know Essiac has curing potential. It can lessen the condition of the individual, control it, and it can cure it.”

Dr. Ralph Moss was appointed to the Cancer Advisory Panel that evaluates alternative cancer therapies for the government. On his web site and in his book CANCER THERAPY, Dr. Moss points out that each of the herbs in Essiac has been scientifically shown to contain anticancer substances. In his “Cancer Chronicles” [], Dr. Moss notes Essiac’s rising popularity by comparing Essiac’s low cost to a $150,000 bone marrow transplant.


Dr. Frederick Banting, the co-discoverer of insulin became interested in Essiac and even offered Nurse Caisse research facilities to test it. According to Rene, Dr. Banting stated that “Essiac must actuate the pancreatic gland into normal functioning”. Even today diabetics are using Essiac to improve their condition and many have gone off insulin entirely.

Essiac has become widely known for its remarkable ability to boost the immune system and detoxify the body. Many people who drink Essiac tea regularly report feeling healthier with less incidence of colds and flu. Burdock, for example, has a well-established reputation for detoxification and support of the liver and organs of elimination.

(Arctium lappa)

For centuries burdock root has been regarded as an effective blood purifier that neutralizes and eliminates poisons from the body. Burdock contains a volatile oil–especially in the seeds–that is eliminated through the sweat glands, taking toxins with it and alleviating skin problems. Burdock contains niacin, which is known to eliminate poisons from the body, including radiation. Burdock also supports the bladder, kidney and liver and has been said to dissolve kidney stones. It also contains an abundance of minerals, particularly iron. Studies have shown anti-tumor activity in burdock. Japanese scientists have isolated an antimutagenic property in burdock, which they call the “B factor”. The Japanese and Chinese grow burdock root for food as well as medicine. A memorandum from the World Health Organization revealed that burdock was active against HIV. Extracts of burdock seed have demonstrated potent anti-cancer action against leukemia. Burdock is also a component in the Hoxsey herbal cancer treatment.

(Rumex acetosella)


Rene Caisse isolated sheep sorrel as the main Essiac herb that caused regression of metastasized cancer and reduction of tumors. She used the whole herb including sheep sorrel roots. In fact, she stated that sheep sorrel roots are a necessary part of the formula. In spite of this fact, nearly all Essiac suppliers do not include the roots.

Dr. Ralph Moss points out that sheep sorrel contains aloe emodin, a natural substance that shows significant anti-leukemic activity. Sheep sorrel contains antioxidants, is diuretic and has been used to check hemorrhages. Sheep sorrel is a traditional food of native cultures and is still served in fine restaurants along with other sorrels.

(Ulmus rubra/fulva)


The inner bark of the slippery elm tree is well-known for its soothing and healing properties. It reduces inflammations such as sore throat, diarrhea and urinary problems. It has been regarded as both a food and medicine. The slippery elm contains beta-sitosterol and a polysaccharide, both of which have shown [anti-cancer] activity

(Rheum palmatum tanguticum)



Turkey Rhubarb has been shown to have anti-tumor activity. It is diuretic, anti-inflammatory,anti-bacterial and has been used extensively to relieve constipation. It is medicinally more potent than garden rhubarb root and is more palatable.

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of Essiac, numerous entrepreneurs have jumped on the Essiac bandwagon with their own four, six, or eight-herb products. Unfortunately, Rene Caisse was very secretive. She never published the formula and it appears that she experimented with different herbal combinations. Therefore, it is understandable that there would be controversies over who has the correct formula or the best product. Curiously, ESSIAC didn’t become a trademark name until two years after Dr. Glum published the Essiac recipe. Yellow dock or garden sorrel is sometimes substituted for sheep sorrel. Imported turkey rhubarb may be irradiated, fumigated or both. So how do you know if you are buying the real, unaltered Essiac?

Many people become confused about Essiac tea after visiting various web sites with conflicting information. Unfortunately, Rene is not alive today to remind people that it’s all about “helping suffering humanity”, not money. As Rene stated in “I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse”, “respect and love of our fellow man are more important than riches.” Sheila Snow, author of THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC and co-author of ESSIAC ESSENTIALS and ESSIAC, THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE’S HERBAL PHARMACY, knew Rene Caisse personally and fortunately obtained a great deal of documentation to dispel much of the confusion about Essiac tea. Sheila Snow has passed on the Sheila Snow Essiac archive collection to Mali Klein, author of THE ESSIAC BOOK.

Essiac is truly a multi-cultural phenomenon. So here are the plain, non-commercial facts:

1) Essiac marketers often claim that Essiac is an Ojibwa Indian formula. In “I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse” Rene Caisse referred only to “a very old Indian medicine man” without naming any specific tribe. Sheila Snow and Mali Klein have researched this issue extensively from the Essiac Archives and found that “There is absolutely no evidence to support the popular assumption that he was a member of the Ojibwa tribe. There were six different tribes living in Northern Ontario at that time, including Algonquin Anishinabeg, Cree, Cherokee, Huron, Iroquois and Ojibwa as well as the refugees from other tribes in the United States, who were fleeing north of the border from the Indian wars.”

2) Turkey rhubarb (Rheum palmatum) is native to China and Tibet, not northern Ontario, so it appears unlikely that it was a part of the original medicine man’s formula of indigenous herbs in the late 1800s. Even today turkey rhubarb has still not established itself as a wild herb of North America [North America was originally called Turtle Island before the European Invasion and subsequent Holocaust]. The Turkey rhubarb rhizome official in the British Pharmacopoeia, 1914, must be collected in China and Thibet. English-grown rhubarb is inferior to the official rhubarb in medicinal qualities. In Rene’s Caisse’s “I Was Canada’s Cancer Nurse” she stated that the original formula came from an “old Indian who showed her certain herbs growing…in the the wilds of Northern Ontario.” Nurse Caisse also used “Rheum officinale” which is often called “Indian rhubarb” because it came from Asia by way of the trade route through India. However, Turkish is better and Rene Caisse switched to Turkey rhubarb because it tastes better.

Since the modern North American diet of over-processed foods can cause chronic constipation which can promote cancer, the addition of rhubarb root in the formula appears to have been a wise one. Herbalists such as Dr. John Christopher and Dr. Bernard Jensen believed that most illnesses are due to unclean colons. Turkey rhubarb is now being grown commercially in North America, and that may very well be due to the ever-increasing popularity of Essiac tea.

It should be noted that Essiac tea is a mild colon cleanser. In severe cases of constipation and when doing a thorough colon cleanse for serious illnesses other herbs are traditionally used such as cascara sagrada, senna, aloe, ginger, cayenne and garlic. These herbs are often taken in conjunction with a formulation containing clay, charcoal, psyllium seeds, flax seeds, apple pectin, marshmallow root, fennel seed and slippery elm bark in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy.

3) Burdock and sheep sorrel are not native to North America. It appears that both burdock and sheep sorrel were brought to this continent from Europe by early settlers who then passed on their knowledge of these two herbs to the local tribes. Burdock and sheep sorrel eventually spread throughout North America where water was sufficient. Unfortunately, they are often referred to as invasive “weeds”. Rene Caisse indicated that sheep sorrel was one of the original herbs, so it appears that sheep sorrel had migrated to “the wilds of Northern Ontario” before the 1890s. Burdock could have also established itself in Northern Ontario by then.

4) Slippery elm is the only Essiac herb native to North America.

In spite of the numerous, conflicting claims as to what the original Indian “medicine” man’s formula was, no one has yet offered any verifiable evidence to settle that issue. Some claim it was a four-herb formula while others claim it was an eight-herb, six or seven-herb formula. Many of these claims state that turkey rhubarb was one of the original herbs, which did not grow “in the wilds of Northern Ontario”. Rene Caisse did experiment with a number of herbs and changed the formula through time. It does appear that she gave different Essiac tea formulas to different people to try to find the best one. She also appeared to “thrive on intrigue” to throw people off the trail to guard her secrets. Therefore, it is easy to see why so many people are marketing different versions of “Essiac” tea, all claiming to have the right one. However, she finally settled on her four-herb formula before she died. This four-herb formula was demonstrated by Rene Caisse and untold cancer patients to be an effective, health-giving remedy that has stood the test of time .

The only person Rene Caisse trusted to help her make Essiac tea was her best friend, Mary McPherson. Mary had worked alongside Rene since the 1930s and knew the formula by heart. According to Dr. Gary Glum, Mary had promised Rene never to reveal the formula to anyone. The Essiac formula might never have made it into the public domain had it not been for Dr. Glum. In 1985 he purchased the formula for $120,000 from one of Rene’s former patients.

Dr. Glum could have kept the formula secret and become very wealthy selling bottles of Essiac. However, he unselfishly released the formula into the public domain in 1988. At first he offered the formula on a video tape that he advertised in his book, CALLING OF AN ANGEL, but the feds unlawfully seized the tapes before he could sell very many of them. Dr. Glum gave out the Essiac formula and recipe free of charge to anyone who mailed him a request for the Essiac formula.

When Dr. Glum met Mary McPherson in Bracebridge, Ontario and told her what the Essiac formula was, she was more than a little surprised. According to Dr. Glum, Mary eventually revealed the formula in 1994 because it was no longer a secret, and she wanted to end the controversy over the Essiac formula before she died. Therefore, on December 23, 1994 the “Essiac” formula & recipe was officially entered into the public domain with the recording of Mary McPherson’s affidavit.

In “I Was Canada’s Canada Nurse” Rene Caisse stated one reason why she wanted to keep the formula secret: “I wanted to establish my remedy, which I called ESSIAC or my name spelled backward, in actual practice and not in a laboratory only. I knew it had no bad side affects, so it could do no harm. I wanted to use it on patients in my own way. And when the time came, I wanted to share in the administration of my own discovery.”

Another reason why Rene kept the Essiac formula secret was that she didn’t trust people to make it properly and she thought that it would be altered. For example, several years after Dr. Gary Glum published the four-herb Essiac formula, Canadian talk show host Elaine Alexander marketed an eight-herb formula, which included the four herbs that Dr. Glum published. Her marketing campaign proclaimed that Essiac’s “new name was Flor•Essence”. She subsequently died of cancer. Even today a common misconception still exists that Elaine Alexander’s formula is Rene Caisse’s authentic Essiac formula. However, Mary McPherson’s recorded affidavit settled that controversy in 1994. This eight-herb formula is actually Dr. Charles Brusch’s own formula, not Rene Caisse’s Essiac formula. Two of the herbs in this eight-herb formula were blessed thistle and kelp. Rene Caisse never used these two herbs.

Furthermore, it appears that there were unethical activities made in the marketing of Elaine Alexander’s and Dr. Brusch’s formula. Claims were made that Dr. Charles Brusch knew the formula. However, researchers Sheila Snow and Mali Klein stated in their book THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE’S HERBAL PHARMACY: “Considering Sheila’s 16 years’ association with Dr Brusch and his wife, and examining the evidence of the letters exchanged between them and with Mary McPherson, we must conclude that we do not believe that Rene ever gave Dr Brusch the Essiac formula. Therefore we must question any subsequent claims by people associated with Dr Brusch as having access to the original Essiac formula.” Rene Caisse told Sheila Snow on July 11, 1977: “I didn’t give it [the Essiac formula] to Doctor Brusch and I’m not giving it to anyone else.”

Rene Caisse did pass on different versions of the Essiac formula to at least four people before she died in 1978.

Every herbal formula has its own synergy and therefore creates a specific effect. Rene Caisse spent her life refining the formula with her hands-on research. No one else has done such extensive research on Essiac tea. The formula below was the final formula that she settled on after more than fifty years of experimentation and research with real cancer patients. ReneCaisse stated: “If it works, don’t change it.”


The following formula and recipe for Essiac (in italics) is a word-for-word transcription of the Essiac formula from the sworn affidavit which Mary McPherson filed with the Town of Bracebridge. The formula below is also the one which Dr. Gary Glum released to the public in 1988 when he published CALLING OF AN ANGEL: ESSIAC, NATURE’S CURE FOR CANCER.


6 ½ cups of burdock root (cut) (upper left)
1 pound of sheep sorrel herb powdered (upper right)
1/4 pound of slippery elm bark powdered (lower left)
1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root powdered (lower right)

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and store in glass jar in dark dry cupboard.
Take a measuring cup, use 1 ounce of herb mixture to 32 ounces of water depending on the amount you want to make.
I use 1 cup of mixture to 8 x 32 = 256 ounces of water. Boil hard for 10 minutes (covered) then turn off heat but leave sitting on warm plate over night (covered).
In the morning heat steaming hot and let settle a few minutes, then strain through fine strainer into hot sterilized bottles and sit to cool. Store in dark cool cupboard. Must be refrigerated when opened. When near the last when its thick pour in a large jar and sit in frig overnight then pour off all you [can] without sediment.
This recipe must be followed exactly as written.
Use a granite preserving kettle (10 – 12 qts), 8 ounce measuring cup, small funnel and fine strainer to fill bottles.


The preparation of Essiac is as important as the formula itself. Essiac is a decoction, not an infusion. An infusion is what people make when they put a tea bag in a cup of hot water. Generally speaking, an infusion tends to extract vitamins and volatile oils from leaves and flowers. A decoction is used to extract minerals, bitter components, etc. from hard materials such as roots, bark or seeds by boiling for a few minutes and then allowing the herbs to steep for several hours. Entrepreneurs often sell Essiac imitations in tincture form (herbs in alcohol) or in gelatin capsules; neither form is Essiac because Essiac is a tea and, more specifically, a decoction that must be made in a certain way in order to achieve the kind of results that Nurse Caisse was demonstrating. Rene Caisse did not administer Essiac herbs in capsules nor did she make it as a tincture.

People often substitute stainless steel for an enameled pot and lid. The main concern is not to use an aluminum pot. Also, be sure not to use unfiltered, chlorinated water. The formula above can be reduced to 1/2 cup of herb mix to one gallon of water. After boiling for ten minutes, let the tea steep about 12 hours. Then heat up tea to steaming, but not boiling. (Do not boil twice.) The remaining pulp can be used for healing poultices.

Don’t use cheese cloth to strain Essiac. Likewise, do not use a kitchen sieve that has a very fine mesh as this may filter out the slippery elm. Slippery elm gives the tea a slight viscous consistency when poured. If you do not notice this “slippery” consistency after refrigerating your tea, you may be using a sieve that is too fine. Don’t worry about herb particles in your Essiac; they will settle to the bottom of the jars. Some people drink the Essiac dregs (particles that settle on the bottom), others don’t. Some people give the Essiac dregs to their pets or farm animals as a health food. Many people have reported the same or similar health benefits with their pets that humans are reporting. The dregs can also be used topically as a poultice.

It is best to refrigerate the Essiac tea as soon as it has cooled. Discard the tea if mold appears on the surface or if the tea does not taste right. CLICK HERE to learn about dosage.

Make sure that the sheep sorrel you use is the small, wild variety of sheep sorrel and not a substitute like yellow dock or garden (French) sorrel. Imported turkey rhubarb root could be fumigated or irradiated. Many Essiac merchants are unaware of the quality of their herbs. The best way to insure that you’re getting true Essiac is to grow the herbs yourself. This puts you in control of product quality and takes out the commercialism. Burdock root is harvested in the fall of the first year. Slippery elm bark is wildcrafted or organically-grown and is easy to buy. Turkey Rhubarb is the only herb in Essiac that cannot be wildcrafted in the US. The Chinese use six year old turkey rhubarb roots for maximum potency.

Compare the tea color in this picture to the tea that Rene Caisse herself holds in her hand in this YouTube video:

This article is about Gersoon Therapy but I wanted to give a bit more information abiyt otehr natural kind of treatments.

Let me also give some insight about Hoxsey formula:

Hoxsey Therapy or Hoxsey Method is an alternative medical treatment promoted as a cure for cancer. The treatment consists of a caustic herbal paste for external cancers or an herbal mixture for “internal” cancers, combined with laxatives, douches, vitamin supplements, and dietary changes. Reviews by major medical bodies, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, have found no evidence that Hoxsey Therapy is an effective treatment for cancer. The sale or marketing of the Hoxsey Method was banned in the United States by the FDA on September 21, 1960 as a “worthless and discredited” remedy and a form of quackery.
Currently, the Hoxsey Method is primarily marketed by the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico. Hoxsey Therapy is also marketed over the Internet; in June 2008, the FDA National Health Fraud Coordinator noted that “There is no scientific evidence that it has any value to treat cancer, yet consumers can go online right now and find all sorts of false claims that Hoxsey treatment is effective against the disease.”

Food and Drug Administration warning regarding use of the Hoxsey method, released April 1956
Hoxsey Therapy, a mixture of herbs, was first marketed as a purported cure for cancer in the 1920s by Harry Hoxsey, a former coal miner and insurance salesman, and Norman Baker, a radio personality. Hoxsey himself traced the treatment to his great-grandfather, who observed a horse with a tumor on its leg cure itself by grazing upon wild plants growing in the meadow. John Hoxsey gathered these herbs and mixed them with old home remedies used for cancer. Among the claims made in his book, he purports his therapy aims to restore “physiological normalcy” to a disturbed metabolism throughout the body, with emphasis on purgation, to help carry away wastes from the tumors he believed his herbal mixtures caused to necrotize.
Hoxsey initially opened a clinic in Taylorville, Illinois to sell his treatment, one of 17 clinics that he would eventually open. Dogged in many states by legal trouble for practicing medicine without a license, Hoxsey frequently shut down his clinics and reopened them in new locations. In 1930, Hoxsey was associated with controversial broadcaster Norman G. Baker in operating the Baker Institute in Muscatine, Iowa. The two fell out and numerous lawsuits followed, while Hoxsey was again enjoined from practicing medicine without a license.
In 1936, Hoxsey opened a clinic in Dallas, Texas which became one of the largest privately owned cancer centers in the world. At one point in the 1950s, Hoxsey’s gross annual income reached $1.5 million from the treatment of 8,000 patients. Hoxsey published several books advertising his methods and clinics including “You Don’t Have to Die: The Amazing Story of the Hoxsey Cancer Treatment” (1956), and received support from Gerald Winrod and H. L. Hunt.
The United States National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the American Medical Association (AMA), began a series of efforts to restrict Hoxsey’s clinic operations, viewing them as providing false cures and defrauding cancer sufferers. Regarding this campaign, NCI director John Heller wrote in 1953:
Our efforts in cancer control are directed toward reduction of the intervals between onset and diagnosis of cancer, and between diagnosis and the application of effective treatment. People who fall victims to quacks are diverted from this narrow course for the best clinical management of cancer.
The American Medical Association condemned Hoxsey’s “caustic pastes” and tonics as fraudulent. In 1949, Hoxsey sued the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) and its editors for libel and slander. Hoxsey won the case, but was awarded only $2; the judge concluded that since Hoxsey’s promotion of his treatment depended largely upon claims that the AMA was persecuting him, he had suffered little or no damage from the JAMA articles. A review of 400 patients treated by Hoxsey found no verifiable cures.
In 1950, Hoxsey submitted case histories of 77 patients to the National Cancer Institute (NCI), claiming that they were “fully documented with clinical records and pathological reports” and that they would demonstrate his treatment’s effectiveness. However, the NCI found that of these 77 reports, only 6 included actual tissue biopsies. Of the 2 biopsies from patients described by Hoxsey as having “internal cancer”, neither showed any evidence of actual malignancy. The NCI concluded that Hoxsey’s records did not contain sufficient information to evaluate his treatment. Hoxsey argued that it was the NCI’s responsibility to seek out the information necessary to verify his case reports, and attributed the failure to do so to a conspiracy on the part of the NCI and AMA.
In 1956, the FDA sent an investigator to Hoxsey’s clinic posing as a patient. The investigator was told by Hoxsey’s clinic that he had cancer (he did not), and that it would take a “long time” to cure him.The U.S. government banned the sale of the Hoxsey herbal treatment in 1960. Hoxsey was also forced to close all of his U.S. clinics. In 1963, Mildred Nelson, a nurse who had worked closely with Hoxsey, established the Bio Medical Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico with Hoxsey’s approval. Hoxsey himself chose this site in 1963, when his last operation in the US was shut down. Just before Nelson’s death in 1999, the clinic was taken over by her sister, Liz Jonas.
In 1967, Hoxsey developed prostate cancer, and his own treatment failed to cure it. Because he failed to respond to his eponymous therapy, Hoxsey underwent surgery and standard medical treatment. He died seven years later, in 1974.
Hoxsey herbal treatments include a topical paste of antimony, zinc and bloodroot, arsenic, sulfur, and talc for external treatments, and a liquid tonic of licorice, red clover, burdock root, Stillingia root, barberry, Cascara, prickly ash bark, buckthorn bark, and potassium iodide for internal consumption.
In addition to the herbs, the Hoxsey treatment now also includes antiseptic douches and washes, laxative tablets, and nutritional supplements. A mixture of procaine hydrochloride and vitamins, along with liver and cactus, is prescribed. During treatment, patients are asked to avoid consumption of tomatoes, vinegar, pork, alcohol,salt, sugar, and white flour products.
In 2005, the cost of initial evaluation and treatment with Hoxsey Therapy at the Bio-Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico was reported to be between $3,900 and $5,100, though this price did not include the recommended purchase of an unspecified number of dietary supplements and 3 years of return visits.

Finally about Vitamin B-17

Foods Containing B17 (Nitrilosides)

Vitamin B17 appears in abundance in untamed nature. Because B17 is bitter to the taste, in man’s attempt to improve tastes and flavors for his own pleasure, he has eliminated bitter substances like B17 by selection and cross-breeding. It can be stated as a general rule that many of the foods that have been domesticated still contain the vitamin B17 in that part not eaten by modem man, such as the seeds in apricots. Listed below is an evaluation of some of the more common foods. Keep in mind that these are averages only and that specimens vary widely depending on variety, locale, soil, and climate.

Fruits Range*
blackberry, domestic low
blackberry, wild high
boysenberry med.
choke cherry high
wild crabapple high
market cranberry low
Swedish (lignon) cranberry high
currant med.
elderberry med. to high
gooseberry. med.
huckleberry med.
loganberry med.
mulberry med.
quince med.
raspberry med.
Seeds Range*
apple seeds high
apricot seed high
buckwheat med.
cherry seed high
flax med.
millet med.
nectarine seed high
peach seed high
pear seeds high
plum seed high
prune seed high
squash seeds med.

Beans Range*
black low
black-eyed peas low
fava high
garbanzo low to med.
green pea low
kidney low to med.
lentils med.
lima, U.S. low
lima, Burma med.
mung med. to high
shell low

Nuts (all raw) Range*
bitter almond high
cashew low
macadamia med. to high

Sprouts Range*
alfalfa med.
bamboo high
fava med.
garbanzo med.
mung med.

Leaves Range*
alfalfa high
beet tops low
eucalyptus high
spinach low
water cress low

Tubers Range*
cassava high
sweet potato low
yams low

High — above 500 mgs. nitriloside per 100 grams food
Medium — above 100 mgs. per 100 grams food
Low — below 100 mgs. per 100 grams food

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