“About Two or Three Chins”

Hello World,
Recently I was excessively traveling first my holidays and after the business travel in Malaysia.
I wanted to write first about Malaysia & Singapore food and dishes but need a bit more time to finish my research, and since I will be traveling during Chinese New Year Holidays to Borneo Island, Kota Kinabalu, actually located on the northwest coast of Borneo facing the South China Sea, I am going to have a post most probably in January.
Since it had been over a year, when I lost > 30 pounds, I wanted to kind of remind everyone that it is possible and moreover it is doable to keep that year, for me over a year.
I would like to write about few Celebrities that recently loss significant amount of pounds either for the role in movie or due to other reason. They were also sharing hoow they mange to achieve so amazing result in within a short period of time.
You can go to a very first post of my blog to see how I started a what I have done.
I simply tried to eliminate carbo, eat more proteins. Eating as little as possible the processed foods and go for organic when possible.
Keep walking. As of today if weather and AQI allows I try to walk 2 ways to/from office which is approximately 14km.
A very common rule which I found in many of people who managed to loose a significant amount of pounds is going for the high protein diet, almost eliminate carbohydrates, if you must keep fruits in yr diet eat them in the morning only.
In my blog I was proposing Dukan diet. To be very honest I never managed to came thru all phases cycle. Many peoaple claim that this type of diet may be harmful for your health esoecially liver and kidney. Recently I found slightly modified diet, still protein base but really not impacting your kidney and liver function, even cleaning your body.
The name of the diet is OXY Diet.
OXY is a new diet protein diet, the rules are similar to those Dukan Diet. OXY diet was, however, improved by professionals, so that – according to its authors – does not adversely affect the body as protein diet by infamous dietician. What is the diet OXY? How much can you lose weight on it? And most importantly – whether OXY diet is safe for health?
OXY is a three-phase diet weight loss system, through which, as the authors argue diet, you can effectively lose weight (up to 15!) in 3 weeks. As a result, it does not destroy the kidneys and liver, which is alleged Dukan diet, and its use improves the overall condition of the body and well-being.
What is the diet OXY?
Diet OXY consists of three different phases, each of which lasts for seven days. Throughout the duration of the base diet menu is rich in antioxidants> OXY Shake, which consists of cranberry fruit, kefir and wheat bran. According to the authors of diet, OXY Shake drunk regularly, is to remove toxins from the body, cleanse the urinary tract, and thus – to counteract the side effects of dietary protein, such as fatigue, heaviness, slump, problems with bowel, kidney problems and liver.
Is cranberry weight loss?
You should know that cranberry stimulates the metabolism, and thus – helps in weight loss. All thanks to the fact that it contains substances involved in the removal of toxins. During a slimming diet is best to reach for raw cranberries, which contain only 100 grams approx. 46 kcal.
Diet OXY – rules
OXY diet lasts for 3 weeks. During the first week OXY diet is based mainly on animal protein, and the purpose of this step is to burn fat. In the second week to turn on a plant protein diet in the third week, we go through a phase of stabilization.
Today about few Celebrities to make you more motivated, if they can do it why not you?
1. Dan Stevens
Recently I was watching two movies in which Dan Stevens was staring: The Guest and Summer in February, I recommend both. Dan Stevens looks as completely different person in booth movies, you would not recognize him, and not only because of his weight loss but as well a great transformation as he manged to achieve as so good actor he actually is.
Dan Stevens
Former Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens opened up about his recent dramatic transformation.
The actor revealed that he’s lost a significant amount of weight since leaving the hit period drama and the role of Matthew Crawley.
“I’ve lost about 30 pounds since New Year, which, in British terms, is about two or three chins,” he joked.
Dan Stevens 2
“It was for a role. It’s always me, just different incarnations, different roles, different costumes and different sizes. In his interviews he opened up he actually had to transform for the role in The Guest. He was eating mainly proteins and 2hours every day in gym. He admitted that such transformation within so short period of time for not only weight loss but building up the mussels, requires a lot of efforts. It was worth, wach him the scene wof The Guest movie when he goes out of the shower.
Dan Stevens 3

2. Matthew McConaughey
Matthew McConaughey lost weight for his role in Dallas Buyers Club where he was playing a role of man who got known has AIDS. He’s won critical acclaim for his role as Ron Woodroof in Dallas Buyers Club – a part for which he lost more than three stone in weight. The Texas-born actor, who survived on an eating plan of Diet Coke, egg whites and a piece of chicken a day to slim down to a tiny 9.5 stone.
‘Losing three stone for Dallas Buyers Club made me smarter’, Matthew McConaughey insisted.
Matthew McConaughey 1
Matthew, 43, said: ‘I had to relearn how to entertain myself, because I wasn’t going outside, I wasn’t going to dinner, I wasn’t going to social places.
‘I was writing so much more, reading so much more. It ended up being this really fun adventure, internally.’
But his dramatic weight didn’t come without side effects, as Matthew admitted: ‘As soon as I hit 143lb [10 stone 3lb], I started losing my eyesight.’
The 6ft tall actor then looked into the condition and found the same had happened to the IRA hunger strikers in Northern Ireland 20 years ago. He insisted that losing weight was ‘honestly not that difficult’ but learning to re-progamme his life was the toughest challenge. He kept a diary of his nutrition the whole way through, he ate mainly eggs while and drun cola light. Not really healthy at all.

Matthew McConaughey 2
I am not saying he looks good after his weight loss, as he had to bring up the anorectic look in this movie.
I was sharing with you very fast and like for Matthew not really healthy way of weight loss, but you can see what is common for both actually the diet based on proteins.

And for the end again reminder what to avoid to loose /keep fit. What to avoid in order to lose weight? This question, which asks himself every woman. There will always be a part of the body that can be slimmed down. Losing kg /lbs begins with diet. And here, as you know, there are no miracles. Look for several products and what you eat. It is they who are what you should avoid in order to lose weight.
Here are 10 things that you should avoid if you want to lose a little body …:
1. Products type of light
Unfortunately might be a trap. May contain small amounts of fat (or does not contain it at all), it is often packed with sugar (see yogurt, cereal, cheese). For products with 0% fat note there is another problem. The protein can be assimilated by the body only in the presence of fat. Nonsense is so drinking milk 0% (omit the fact that there is no taste).
2. Sodium, especially that contained in the salt
Sodium retains water in the body, so first you can not lose weight, on the other hand, the body can not be removed harmful toxins. Try to add salt to the least. To many dishes just add aromatic herbs. Use only organic sea salt.
3. Beer and spirits
It’s empty calories. A lot of calories. When would we advise you what to avoid in order to lose weight, it would be the first thing. In addition to the high caloric, alcoholic beverages make me (I guess not only me) want to eat more. It also easily make us snacking while drinking beer or other alcoholic beverages. Note that sweet syrups added to drinks (eg. Grenadine), they are nothing healthy and full of sugar. If you need to drink something as you go for Party chose dry red wine, or Champagne or similar Sparkling Brut wine. A good dry wine has least sugar and what is connected with it calories. If you drink try not to snack nor eat after. Also better eat before you go for Party that way you control amount of calories you intake as alcohol already have a lot. Based on my own habit I noticed that I often eat after coming back from Party in the night, that is even worse. And the day after I love to eat sugar + carbohydrates in form of fast food and ice cream, this results from the fact your body needs sugar to remove alcohol (formaldehyde) from your blood. You can try to drink water with lemon and honey instated of eating fast food or ice cream.

4. Sweets (cakes + + ice cream milkshakes!)
Sugar and carbohydrates are your figure enemy. And we like that combination … But it is fatal when you try to loose weight or keep fit. Sweets, except that give us pleasure, they have almost no nutritional value. In addition to sugars and carbohydrates, sweets is also a bomb fats!
5. Sweetened drinks and juices

Drinking sugar diluted anyone yet did not work out for good. So avoid sugary drinks, especially carbonated, which cause bloating, and additionally are full of preservatives and artificial dyes. Rather drink fruit juices diluted with water. Also contain a lot of sugar, some are still sweetened, so squeeze them at home or check what you buy, only natural not from the box. Also avoid drinks sweetened with sweeteners. As yet there is no evidence that people who drink them lose weight.

6. Some fruits

It’s true, they are healthy, but some of it is better not to eat, if you want to lose weight. We are talking about grapes, bananas, avocados. Instead, eat without fear grapefruit, apples, currants.

7. Food that highly processed
porcessed food
These are mainly meats and food that has a long shelf life. It contains a whole range preservatives and is full of fat and salt.
top 10 processed foods

8. Saturated fatty acids
Avoid fried foods, and junk food, chips, donuts, etc. The fatty acids contained in them influence the increase of bad cholesterol, and consequently heart disease. And they are very fattening!
fat acids
9. White bread, pasta, rice
They have almost no nutritional value. If you can not imagine your diet without these products, put on their version of the whole grain that is rich in vitamins and fiber, so important for thinness.

10. Watch out for: eating out, avoid breakfast, too little sleep
It’s a common trap in our classification. In the restaurant you eat more, without controlling portions and really do not know what you eat. The most common – greasy. Avoiding breakfast is shot in the foot – to start the day your body needs a kick. Otherwise it will not burn. The same will happen when you’re sleepy.

I wonder how many of you do not apply rules here?
Change your habit today, apply above tips just now starting today!
Do your diary with notes for what you eat, how much you exercise, check your weight daily. Monitor and stop thinking ok I screw up I will start from tomorrow.
My biggest problem is to keep going with a good habit while I am traveling, but I still try maybe less exercise but try to do some. I keep choosing healthy food in the hotel. Here very difficult to prevent trying different foods, but you still can go for healthy choices even more available in a good hotels right now.
I was on few business trips since I lost 30 pounds and believe me eating different kind of foods I am still able to keep my weight under control.
In Penang I was lucky with a beautiful hotel with the outside swimming pool, the weather was not good and AQI fatal. But I manage to find some time to swim and go to the gym.
After coming back I again put more regime on my weight loss and try to eat more proteins at least have few days with proteins only.

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