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Hello All!!!
Quite a long time did not write anything. Today I write about my week diet (well would not name it dieting at all) and give you some ideas for breakfast and dinner at first attack phase of Dukan diet.
I got so much positive feedback from my closest friends and family, somehow they want to read, more what is going on here in China, how I live what do. We live in different countries, busy to talk even from time to time.
This blog is also kind of a diary for me. I think we are too much now on FB, Twitter, Instagram, Wechat in China, NK in Poland. All these social portals make us talking less with each other and tent to do thing while running after something else, with no time to step back and think a bit about our life, what we really enjoy and what we miss, what we would like to do next, next year, when we retire…
I find really strange chatting with my daughter, like my husband pictures on FB, and communicating mainly this way. Where are our meetings, interesting discussions, social gathering. We need to cultivate our relation, otherwise we only stay in front our laptops.
I think I was much happier, when I did not have computer at home. Try to remind yourself what did you do at the times no computer, no internet. How much enjoyable was our day…
Last 2 weeks I had a lot of to do, I was also organizing birthday party for my husband.
Thanks to Maggie, owner of Yasmine’s restaurant, the Party was great. See some photos
Butchery store

Yasmine logo and stake

Yasmine stakehouse 1






I love her idea to replace ‘Birthday Cake’ with fresh fruits, much healthier and the guest’s adults and kids were really eating with relish.
Recommend this place –the restaurant and butchery store to anyway, always fresh juicy beef and other type of meats and sausages.
Thank you Maggie again!

Time is running like crazy, just 1 week ago my husband birthday, he turned 44, unlucky numbers in China. Number 4 means death, as in Chinese same word may have a lot of different meaning, depends on pronunciation. Imagine my husband turned 44 on 13th of March, Friday. Well everything went well, even thou he does not like surprises and was not expecting this party. The most important nobody was hurt, nobody was drunk, and everybody had fun on that someone named it ‘unlucky day’
I must share that yesterday I screw up my diet, I bought Tiramisu whole cake and was eating 3 pieces, the last portion at 1am in night, really bad.
Well today I woke up with resolution to burn yesterday’s Tiramisu today.
I usually do not eat before walking & running on the treadmill, I do not have special plan just do by amount of calories burned or time on treadmill -1h. Today I managed to burn 500 cal within 55min.
Usually my goal is set by time 1h walking & running but since I am getting faster I can run longer and probably 500 cal to burn should be my new objective.
After that I could prepare lunch, if I do not eat breakfast like today I name it branch. It was a big salad with some seeds.
I do make by my own salad dressing remember never use dressing from the bottle, you spend time to make salad and then you add all kind of different preservatives and trans acidic to you veggies. Does it make sense? To me not at all.
Quick recipe for salad dressing:
– 1 or 1.5 lemon or lime,
– 1 to 2 table spoons extra virgin olive oil
– 1 small tea spoons of whole grain mustard
– If you like a bit more sweet you can add also a half os small tea spoon of honey or maple syrup, instead or sweetened with sugar
– Squeeze 1-2 cloves of garlic
– Sometimes I add pesto sauce
– Salt (if you use feta cheese do not add salt as it is enough salty) & pepper
Remember very important which I actually do not follow Dukan’s diet recommendation, some vitamins needs fat to be absorbed in our body. So eating just a salad with no fat in form of a bit olive oil, avocado, fete cheese or some seeds like chia or sun flower or some nut, does not give you full spectrum of vitamins that you can absorb from veggies.
After that I made my own milkshake from almond milks, today I plan to stay –mean free and gluten free, very unusual day, but it is also important to give body relief of proteins and cow milk products.

Now a bit more about the Dukan diet my Polish friend recently borrow a book from me. I bought it long time ago, tried many times to go thru all phases, it never happen.
You ask me how you finally lost weight. Yes but I am not strictly follow this diet. I found what best works for my body and of course try to control carbohydrates mainly. I agree and will always support that proteins helps to lose weight.
So Now About The Dukan diet and its phases:
The Dukan Diet is the creation of French doctor Pierre Dukan and the result of a long career of working with and helping overweight people reach their target weight and, more importantly, keep the lost pounds once and for all. The diet focuses on the temporary elimination of carbohydrates which are replaced by meals with a high protein content, a daily dose of oat bran and a compulsory daily walk. No calorie counting, no diet pills or weird foods and certainly no need to go hungry.
The Dukan Diet plan is structured in 4 easy-to-follow phases, today only about phase 1, start it now:

The Attack Phase of the Dukan Diet plan only lasts a few days, it is probably the hardest to follow when it comes to putting together meal ideas which do not contain any carbs or vegetables and focus on the core protein-rich foods on their own. With this section solely dedicated to Attack Phase recipes, I would like to share the meal ideas for the burning phase today. The Attack Phase can last anything between 1 and 10 days as the exact length very much depends on what your long term ideal weight goal is.
1 day is enough for those wanting to lose less than 10 pounds, 2 days for weight losses of less than 20 pounds and 5 days for those who would like to shed between 20 and 40 pounds.
Finally, if your target weight is over 40 pounds away, Dr Dukan recommends to follow the Attack Phase for 7-10 days as well as consulting your GP for medical advice. I personally think 5 days is kind of optimum, later you can shorten your periods but for the start I recommend 5 days and then 5 days proteins and vegetables.
Dukan Diet Attack Phase Food List
– All lean meats including beef, veal, chicken and turkey (skin-removed), cooked with no added fats
– All types of raw and cooked fish and shellfish with no restriction
– Eggs
– Kidneys, beef tongue and liver
– Low-fat cooked meats such as chicken, pork, turkey and ham
– Low-fat dairy products including skimmed milk, 0% fat yoghurt (avoid fruit yoghurts and choose from flavoured ones such as vanilla), cottage cheese, cream cheese, fromage frais and quark
– Hot drinks like coffee, tea and infusions (without sugar)
– Drinks with no more than one calorie per glass such as Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi
– Vinegar
– Lemon juice, spices and herbs
images (1)

images (2)

images (3)

images (4)

images (5)

images (6)

images (7)


Dukkan diet recommend slow fat diet Yoghurt, I do not believe low fat products are healthy, so I used regular fat milk foods.
I agree to be careful with fat meat, sausages, if you keep eating those your weight drop not such significantly as it should.

If anybody wants details of recipe let me know, attack /burning phase is not complicated with preparation as you mainly eat meat grilled, smoked, baked, steamed, cooked and fish also raw.
You may support here sometimes with canned fish, but not the one in the oil.
Branch or Lunch Ideas:
1. Of course, cafe lathe or cappuccino size Grande,
2. Boiled egg, with egg you can eat caviar
3. Cooked eggs with canned tuna or in brine in water, you may mix together and add black pepper and a bit of mustard, chose real Dijon mustard
4. Oats Cooked with Milk eventually water, or any kind, remember I do not recommend like Dukkan diet does low fat real milk replacements, instd you may use organic soy, almond, cashew or any other gluten free, I use regular milk
5. Salmon and cream cheese wrap, again be carful wih fat cheeses, try not to use in burining phase, you may eat salmon with white cheese
6. Tofu with some spices
7. Milk shake with protein and oats
8. Natural Yoghurt with oats bran
9. Turkey bacon with scrambled eggs, eggs fried with no fat, use first bacon and then fry on melted from bacon fat eggs
10. Omlets, if you like I personally do not
11. Crab sticks,
12. Sashimi, Fresh prawns, suggested souce –yoghurt cream dip with spices,
13. You may aslo do garlic sauce for other type of meat, in that case grilled try turkey or chicken breasts,
14. Bolled ham with low fat cream cheese or cottage cheese
15. Cottage or white chese with garlic and anion, or only garlic,
By the way the best in Dukan diet is white cheese we name it in Poland (twarożek), when I was a kid I still remember my father was preparing it every Saturday or Sunday.
download (1)

download (2)


images (1)

It is still my favorite dish.
I always loose weight when I eat it, unfortunately there is available white cow cheese (not cottage one) not in many countries, not in Norway, not in US, not in China, but I found in Dubai.
Anyway you can do it by your own. Next time give you advice how to make it.
Dinner Ideas:
Remember any type of fish, seafood, meat, avoid port without skin, and not fried, if you need souce, it must be yoghurt base or just pure lomon. Better to use spices: pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, cardamom, tummeric,
1. Chicken with cardamom & tummeric and carry
2. Teriyaki Tuna Steak with Low Fat Tzatziki
3. Ginger and Lemon Grilled Chicken
4. Stakes
5. Beef tenderloin, here can be even pork tenderloin
6. Steamed fish
7. Cooked
8. Boiled chicken, even chicken brests but do not over boil. In Poland we do often chicken soup and we cook chicken and beef with vegetables, I eat meat while my family later can enjoy such soup.
images (1)

images (2)


I was walking now with my 2 dogs 2 round around my neighborhood and took some photos to share:


You can use your phone to type or record what you eat and exercise all day.
I think it is important to watch what helps you to quickly lose your unwanted pounds and what makes you gain them. Each body is different and for everyone something else work better. If you look even how each of us is build, which part of body we cumulate fat, it becomes apparent we should focus on different diets long term. Short term as burning /attack phase for everyone works the protein only diet plan. This also help min. your appetite, and normalize your sugar blood level. Protein makes you full longer and you forget about hunger attics.
Just after my husband birthday, where apparently the meat was excellent and a lot of seafood (baked oysters with cheese, & grilled king shrimp) sausages, naturally smoked ham, grilled beef, lam, you can imagine I had to try everything. On top of it red wine which has as well o lot of calories. I have weighted myself on Saturday morning 14/03/2015 the weight dropped actually to 126.5 pounds. Sometimes you may be surprised that actually weight instead of going up drops, but because, I knew I will eat and drink a lot during the party I was trying not to eat much on lunch and not to eat carbohydrates. Wine has already enough carbohydrates.
Now let us go back to my measurements and look over the whole week of my activities, weight and food.
Last Thursday my physiotherapeutic asked me how come I can remember what I was eating the day before or so. Nothing special I bought calendar and make a notes each day, I really stopped worrying about sized of the dishes I rather focus on type & quality of food I eat.
My last post was on women’s day 8th of March so I go thru each day very quickly than:
Weight = 130.5 pounds
8am morning drink = warm water with lemon and 5 tablets chlorella + Nopal
AQI (Air Quality Index) = 27 in Shanghai, Excellent
Walking to subway = 5,705 steps; 4km, 5 floors
After coming I took some fruits -mandarins
1:30pm (late lunch, since we had staff meeting at work): sandwich with dark bread and chicken liver with quinoa and broad been.
7pm dinner /supper sandwich with dark bread and Gouda cheese
6:00am -warm water with Lemon & 5 tables of Chlorella
Did not weight today, we should but somehow was hurry up to office.
AQI = 38 Excellent
Walking to subway 5 617 steps, 4.38km, 5 floors
7am in the office 2 coffee with regular milk
10am -Breakfast 3 cooked eggs
1:30pm –late lunch, 1 baked leg lam
7pm – 2 sandwiches with dark German bread, butter, garlic & ham, 2 tomatoes
7am wake up as I had a conference at 9:30am and wanted to do jogging before
Weight = 128.5 pounds
8am -50min run & walk on treadmill
9am shower and taking a call at 9:30pm
10:30am –collagen with water and chlorella
1pm -late lunch at Japanese restaurant: miso soup, grilled cod fillet, 4 hot roasted chicken wings, green tea
Walking back home 6,427 steps, 4.57 km, 4 floors
Very busy on Thursday no record
Friday very busy too but took weigh as was pretty strange as 131.5 pounds, while on Saturday after Kris Birthday Party =126.5 kg.
With a good weight I was in Latina restaurant for lunch and we eat a lot plus I got 2 glasses of red wine
In the evening we ordered pizza, where I ate half of meat ,lovers pizza
I did not take weight.
On breakfast had pizza and salad
For dinner hot pot, I will explain a bit especially for those who does not live in Shanghai, it is also good way to eat a lot of vegetables, good cooked meat and mushrooms.
You can go to hot pot restaurant or do it at home. Next time I explain a bit more about Chinese tradition of hot actually I have to check if it is Chinese or Japanese.
Since I had doctor appointment I was jogging in the morning 1h
For lunch 12pm we went with my husband to our one of the favorite Chinese restaurant where they served rousted pork & lam legs.
We did not still to only pork and lam, we have ordered our favorite ear mushrooms and cucumbers, snails, nuts in garlic souce. Amazing how many ideas for starters Chinese have. I order sour soup.
Pretty big portion of soup and lam leg left so I took it to office for dinner since I planned to stay a bit longer at work.
Walking back home to subway steps = 5,698
Weight = 131.5 pounds
AQI = 38, excellent
9am –coffee with milk
10am –fruits: strawberrices & apple
1pm –lunch lam (a bit too much lam) with sour kraut done by my husband and sour tomato soup
7pm – few glasses of red wine and camembert & brie cheese
Weight = 128.5 pounds
Go to work by car
Breakfast: banana, herrings in tomato sauce
Lunch: Lam with warm sour kraut and onion
3pm: Protein Milk Shake
Supper: 3 sandwiches with butter, ham and green cucumber, 2 legs of lam chopped
Weight = 128 pound
Walking = Total 8457 steps (5.75 km), 6 floors, a bit longer distance as was walking to subway line # 2 not as usual to 9, as I was visiting my physiotherapeutic at SEIMC
10:30am Late coffee
12:00pm Lunch
Please see some photos: Sandwich with pork chopped, soup, tofu, 2 lam legs (again lam), cooked and fired cabbage
Wild Blueberries Juice.
I love this restaurant is from North China and has very appropriate name – I love You:
The restaurant claim to be green and use a good quality fruits, grains and veggies.
For dinner I planned to eat less but my husband made what I really like:
Pork cooked in sour cabbage with mashed potatoes, so I could not resist.
In the late evening I was eating cooked broad bean with red wine.
Friday was really the day I did not walk much.
As usual was having coffee in the morning, later on lunch tofu and pork with potatoes.
On dinner I had you will not guess, Lam … , and 3 sandwiches with butter, garlic and cheese.
After such ‘small’ diner I ate huge piece of Tiramisu, and later at night as mentioned before.
download (1)

And now the latest crazy pictures from the party. Well my husband as usual did not tell me wwe should dress up so we were only couple not dressed, but who cares, the party was amazing. Only few photos as I do not want to brake privacy of some attendees:



Can you imagine my husband did not read my blog yet, probably too boring for mans, I tent to agree, however it makes me sad he does not care… My Darling pls. at leat once go to my blog.
Coming next
Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGE) so what makes you older
and next phases of Dukan diet.
See you 2 weeeks from now

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